Learn how to paint Strawberries – 3 Ways of Painting them

How to paint strawberries

Summertime is strawberry time! Not only as a healthy snack, the fruits are very popular, but also for painting. If you want to learn how to paint strawberries, this article is for you.

In this tutorial, you will see how to paint strawberries in different ways. For example, in a strawberry bowl or single strawberries, some of which have been cut in half and show the inside of the fruit.

Materials needed

  • Watercolors (shades of red, grey and green)
  • White marker
  • Painting paper
  • Watercolor Brush
  • Water in a container
  • Mixing pallet
  • Pencil for sketching

Except for the white marker, all materials should be part of the assortment of every watercolor artist.

The marker will be used later to trace the light-colored kernels on the surface of the strawberry one more time. Alternatively, you can use a yellow marker, or – if you are very skilled – leave the seeds out as free spaces in your watercolor.

Instructions: How to paint strawberries with watercolor

Step 1

Well, the best way to learn how to paint and draw is to take a real object, place it in front of you, and transfer the shape onto paper. In this way, the power of observation is trained, which remains neglected when one merely tries to copy another work of art.

So take a bowl of strawberries, or pick out some particularly beautiful examples that you would like to depict separately. You can also cut up a strawberry and paint the fruit in half.

Step 2

Draw your motif with an HB pencil. This sketch shouldn’t take long and shouldn’t be applied forcefully to erase or entirely paint over it later.

How to draw strawberries 1

Step 3

Now prepare your watercolors. You need a deep red for the strawberries and a green for the fruit leaves. If you decide to paint a fruit bowl, it is ideal for painting it grey or yellow-grey.

Important to know: We’ll paint the subject in several layers. Each layer of the fruit and the leaves are painted in one and the same color.

The only difference per layer is that the ratio of pigment to water increases in the color mixture. More color, less water. The purpose of this layering is to achieve a depth of color and establish contrasts.

Step 4

Once you have your colors ready, you can devote yourself to painting.

Below you will see three pictures that illustrate the different phases of the creation.

The first layer covers a large part of the areas that will later appear colored with a bright red. Some points where the seeds of the fruit should sit have been roughly left out.

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How to draw strawberries 2

This is what the second layer looks like. Observe the strawberries carefully and notice how the light hits the fruit and which parts are darker and which are lighter.

How to draw strawberries 3

And this is what the third and final layer of paint looks like:

How to draw strawberries 4

Step 5

After the final layer of red paint has dried, take your white marker and draw the seeds and the light areas of the fruit again.

This way, you can save yourself the trouble of working with masking fluid. It is also not so terrible if you have not worked with high precision when coloring the fruit’s flesh. The marker is easy to use correction tool.

How to draw strawberries 5

Step 6 in how to paint strawberries

Allow all colors to dry and finalize your artwork.

How to draw strawberries

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