How To Paint A Monstera Leaf With Watercolor

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House plants are excellent. Here’s a quick guide on how to celebrate one of today’s most beautiful and trendiest indoor plants. Here you will learn how to paint a Monstera leaf – in watercolor, with just a few colors and within minutes.

Paint Monstera: The material you need

Some things you’ll need:

  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor paint
  • Brushes
  • White marker (or Masking Fluid)
  • Water and water tank
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Reference image

Once you have sorted your watercolor supplies, you can start with the sketch of the Monstera.

1. How to paint a monstera leaf: The sketch

how to paint a monstera leaf 1

Start by drawing the monstera leaf on your drawing paper – it’s best to start with the stalk and then continue with the leaf.

It’s best to find a sample on the internet that you can use for your drawing. The more accurately you can draw the Monstera, the more accurately you can color the leaf.

The easiest way is to draw the basic shape of the leaf and then draw the holes and dents. Then you can erase the redundant strokes.

2. Mixing colors

For the Monstera you need several shades of green. We paint our leaf from light layers to darker layers. Accordingly, you should prepare a color selection. In the first step, we use a medium green tone with rather much water.

how to paint a monstera leaf 2

Next, we paint wet-on-wet with a yellowish shade into the still wet first color. Color transitions are essential if you want to create a realistic-looking monstera.

how to paint a monstera leaf 3

3. Increase the color intensity

Now you can use the initial green color mix again. Just remix it with less water. Work it into the still wet yellowish color by placing it on the edges of the leaves and letting it run in.

how to paint a monstera leaf 4

4. Paint the rest of the leaf

Dip your brush once more strongly in the same color. Now paint the second half of the leaf and the stem of the leaf. In our style, it is not necessary to cover all areas with paint. If you leave distinct areas free and let the flow of paint take over, the result will look very organic and natural.

how to paint a monstera leaf 5

5. Finish painting the Monstera leaf

Now apply some intense green into the still wet areas of the leaf. Especially at the edges of the leaves, darker tones will fit very well.

how to paint a monstera leaf 6
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