Drawing Tutorial for Marvel Lovers: How to draw The Hulk

How to draw the hulk

The Hulk is a Marvel Comics superhero. More specifically, it is the scientist Bruce Banner, who has been exposed to gamma rays that turn him into an uncontrollable, massive, green monster ruled by his rage. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw the Hulk doing what he does best: Hulk Smash!

Required Material

For the digital tutorial:

  • Drawing tablet and pen
  • Software

If you want to draw the tutorial in a traditional medium:

  • Pencil
  • Colored pencil for the sketching lines
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Drawing paper
  • Green and purple color in a medium of your choice

How to draw the Hulk in 9 steps

In this tutorial, we will be doing a stylized Hulk drawing posed mid-air of his iconic Hulk Smash move. If you are drawing on paper, we recommend to use a light-colored pencil (ex. Blue or Red) for sketching the construction lines and a darker pen or ink for the final lines.

Step 1

How to draw the hulk 1

Draw in the basic organic shapes of each part. One of the essential features of the Hulk is his exaggerated muscular body build that is bigger than his head. Since we are doing a stylized version rather than a realistic one, we will make the upper body much bigger than the lower body and the head much smaller.

Step 2

How to draw the hulk 2

Refine the basic shapes and draw in the simplified forms of the muscles. Add some details like the hands and feet and the shape guidelines for the face. With the arms flying upwards, the pectoral chest muscles are squeezed together. Apply the line overlaps and maintain the volume of each muscle.

Step 3

How to draw the hulk 3

Draw in the facial features. Hulk’s design usually has a small nose, a prominent brow ridge and forehead muscles, and a big mouth and jaw. This drawing features an angry open-mouth expression, so the teeth will also show. His hair will be flowing as he is jumping mid-air.

Step 4

How to draw the hulk 4

Put more details like facial lines, applying line weight (thick and thin lines) it helps with bringing in more appeal and texture to the face and the angry expression.

Hulk head

Step 5

From the essential shape model you have underneath, draw in the torso muscles. You don’t have to connect every line you have in your guide, as it will make your drawing stiff and unnatural. Broken lines are better and they give the illusion of volume in your figures.

How to draw the hulk 5

Step 6

Always mind the perspective, the upper arm will be overlapping the forearm, thus the overlapping lines in the elbow area.

How to draw the hulk 6

Step 7

Draw in the lower body and Hulk’s ripped pants. Again, there will be overlapping lines on the foreshortened legs to show perspective.

How to draw the hulk 7

Step 8

Clean your drawing and finalize your line art.

How to draw the hulk 8

Step 9 (Optional)

Paint the Hulk with his color scheme in rich green tones and pastel violet.

How to draw the hulk
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