How to Draw Superheroes: The complete list of our superhero drawing tutorials

How to Draw Superheroes

If your favorite comics are about superheroes, you’ve come to the right place. Begin an exciting journey and learn how to draw superheroes. These step-by-step instructions make it easy for you to learn how to draw DC, Marvel, and other popular characters.

How to draw superheroes: All our tutorials

How to Draw Superheroes: 5 Tips for Beginners

1. You need an understanding of human anatomy

When drawing superheroes, it is incredibly important to keep the heroic proportions consistent. To do so, it is necessary to develop a fundamental understanding of the human anatomy. Only then will you be able to exaggerate the distinctive features of actual superheroes without making them look goofy.

In this tutorial, learn how to draw a human body using the 7.5 heads proportion principle.

Then continue to explore the human anatomy and learn how the joints and muscles work together. This knowledge is especially important if you want to draw superheroes in dynamic poses.

2. Start your drawing with the basic shapes

Instead of venturing straight to the final version of the superhero body, it’s always a good idea to start with its basic forms. A simple skeleton with the most important joints and an estimate of the limbs is perfectly sufficient to lay the foundation when learning how to draw superheroes.

Keep in mind that the anatomy between man and woman is very different. However, both genders tend to have long legs and relatively broad shoulders when portrayed as superheroes. Superheroes of both genders are also extremely muscular and have little body fat. You should take all these factors into account when drawing their bodies.

3. Now elaborate on the basic shapes to create outlines

Now first draw the most important focus areas of the figure. The head is certainly of high importance, so you can start here. You can also draw the fundamental lines of the torso and legs in this step.

With this framework you can quickly add arms and neck to complete the body.

4. Add Details

Now you can start drawing the remaining features of the superhero. Muscle bulges, toes, fingers are as important as the face including the hair and the outfit.

If you have applied little pressure in the previous steps, you can now replace them with stronger finishing lines. You can then erase the weaker lines.

5. Adding color to the Superhero

If you have drawn digitally, this step will be an easy one. In traditional paint mediums, a range of colored pencil is best suited to reproduce the typical colors and their shades of your superhero.

Materials needed when learning how to draw superheroes
If you want to draw stunning superheroes, you can do so using either a graphics tablet or traditional media such as colored pencils.

In addition to the graphics tablet, you need at least one suitable editing program for digital art.

If you prefer analog media, you will need pencils, erasers, drawing paper and colored pencils. You can find more detailed information on the materials required for individual superheroes in the respective instructions.

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