How to Draw Lips – A complete Guide for Beginners

How to Draw Lips Tutorial

Material and Equipment used for this Tutorial

Understanding Basic Forms of the Lips

To make it easy, we divide the lips into 5 sections that illustrate the different shapes of the lips.

Experimenting with different sizes of the individual forms will change the mouth shape and individualize its appearance.

Centerline and dimensionality of the mouth

The centerline of the mouth is not just a straight line, considering the volume and fullness of the lips, it is an outward-inward-outward-inward set of lines.

The course of this line changes from different perspectives. In general, however, it is a sequence of lines that (seen from top to bottom) run outwards, inwards, outwards, inwards.

Combining Form and Dimensionality

The lips is like a cushion with a soft mass inside, so it’s not flat and always has volume.

These are the basic planes of the mouth divided based on the 5 major sections, with each lower lip divided into two planes to indicate the volume.

More reference material from different perspectives:

Adding the Light Source

Understanding the basic planes of the mouth helps you with tonal blocking or where the light and dark areas will fall wherever you put your light source.

Consider Overlapping of the Upper and Lower Lip

but will depend on the subject as shape of the mouth varies from one person to another. Some people have larger upper lips and some have larger lower lips.

The shape of the horizontal centerline which is the line below the upper lip on a closed mouth is like two hills beside each other.

 Step 1

the guide is drawn in curve lines that is a bit cylindrical to resemble the denture area.

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Step 2

Draw the vertical centerline of the mouth, remember the inward-outward pattern to define the volume of the lips.

Step 3

Add the center curves, which will also be your major guide on the shape and proportion of the lips you 
are drawing. The distance between the upperlip line, the horizontal centerline and the lowerlip line will 
define the thinness or thickness of the lips.

Step 4

Add the lines to complete the lowerlip line, remember the two hills beside each other shape. Also remember the overlaps.

Step 5

Connect the rest of the lines to complete the edges of the lips.

Learn to draw lips with these references

In order to give you a better idea of how to draw lips from other perspectives, use these examples as a guide.

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