Iron Man Character Drawing: A Complete Step By Step Tutorial

How to draw Iron Man

Another motif from our superhero series: After Batman and Hulk we now take a look at Tony Stark aka Iron Man. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw Iron Man and what you have to pay attention to when creating his armor. We’ll draw him in one of his iconic poses just before (or after) he uses the Repulsor beam in the palm of his hand as a weapon.

Step by step guide: Learn to draw Iron Man

If you want to follow the instructions in traditional media such as pencil and colored pencil, it is essential that you draw all lines very faintly up to and including step 3. This is the only way to erase the construction lines without leaving any visible marks when you finalize the armor.

Step 1

Specify the pose of the character by starting with a stick figure.

How to draw Iron Man 1

Step 2

The basic forms of the Iron Man Suit are still based on the basic human form. To make it easier to construct, you should think about the basic shapes of the most important parts of the human body. Think of three-dimensional cylinders and cubes.

How to draw Iron Man 2

Step 3

Fine-tune the construction lines until they provide the right combination of cylinders, boxes and planes that make up the pieces of Iron Man’s armored suit.

Note: It is very important to create the initial shape correctly before continuing to draw Iron Man. This is the only way to lay the foundation to draw the more complex details in the correct proportion.

How to draw Iron Man 3

Step 4: Draw the head of Iron Man

Now it is important to have a detailed reference image. Take a look at some pictures of Iron Man or print one of the animations to reproduce the exact details of the armor in your drawing.

When drawing the Iron Man helmet, you have to pay special attention to the visor that Tony Stark can shut down.

How to draw Iron Man 4

Step 5

The breastplate houses the centerpiece of the Iron Man armor: the arc reactor, which Stark developed to supply all the power for his suit. This reactor is located centrally on the breastplate.

How to draw Iron Man 5

Step 6

Now finish the Iron Man torso. Watch out for the Repulsors on the palms, which allow the superhero to maneuver and attack. The abdominal and lumbar armor consists of individual flexible links to keep Iron Man mobile despite heavy armor.

How to draw Iron Man 6

Step 7

If you want to draw the legs of Iron Man, pay attention to the joint areas of the knee and ankle. The components of the armor are flexible in these areas and support the functions of the human joints.

How to draw Iron Man 7

Step 8 in how to draw Iron Man: Adding shades

Refine the outline drawing and erase the help lines. Vary the line width and add some shading at this stage of the process.

How to draw Iron Man 6

Step 9 (optional)

Finally, you can add a little color to Iron Man. His basic color palette consists of red, gold, silver and white. If you work digitally, you can enhance the colours even further and give them a metallic effect.

How to draw Iron Man
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