How To Draw Eyebrows That Look Realistic

How to draw Eyebrows

Learn how to draw eyebrows. In this tutorial, you’ll learn every step of the way to draw eyebrows with two pencils and a kneaded eraser. Grab a reference picture of the brows you want to draw and let’s go!

Material List

  • HB pencil
  • 2B pencil
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Drawing Paper
  • Reference Image

Instructions on how to draw eyebrows

Step 1: Draw eyebrow techniques

The first thing we look at is what technique you should use to draw eyebrows.

First of all, you should get used to not applying too much pressure so that you can progressively achieve the final result. If you immediately create a dark line with the first stroke, you have hardly any options to correct it later.

How to draw eyebrows 1

Next, for fine hair such as eyelashes and eyebrows, you should get into the habit of drawing lines sweepingly and letting them run out towards the end. Equally thick eyebrow hairs appear bristly and lack vitality.

How to draw eyebrows 2

Step 2: The sketch of the eyebrows

Eyebrows rarely come alone. They need an eye close to them in order to display them properly. Learn how to draw this beautiful eye in our tutorial.

Now determine the shape of the brow above the eye. Depending on the reference image, the eyebrows run more curved, more flat, angled or straight.

With a hard H pencil (or the HB) and light pressure you can create strokes that you can erase and rework later.

How to draw eyebrows 3

Step 3: Draw the eyebrows

Now you should draw in the individual hair with the HB Pencil. Note the direction of growth and the changes of direction.

Then soften the first layer a little with a brush or a blending stump to make the individual strokes less visible. This creates the background of the eyebrows and adds depth.

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How to draw eyebrows 4

Step 4: Apply second layer

Now once again draw over the eyebrows with a 2B pencil. Maintain direction of growth and change of direction.

If you are dissatisfied with the density of the hair in some places, you can thin it out using a kneaded eraser.

How to draw eyebrows 5

Step 5: How to draw Eyebrows and make them unique

Last but not least you should compare your drawing with your reference picture. If you want to know how to draw eyebrows realistically, retouch areas that do not exactly match the original.

How to draw eyebrows 7

Some hair at the top or bottom of the eyebrow can be drawn to finalize the result.

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