Learn How To Draw Beautiful Braids In Less Than 10 Minutes

How to draw braids

Have you ever wondered how to draw braids? Braids perfectly match all kinds of summer outfits, but they always seem so hard to draw. This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to draw a braid with ease. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be able to draw any braid, no matter how it’s shaped or how long it is.

Materials needed and level of difficulty

Difficulty: 3/10

Step 1: Draw the shape of the braid

Draw a center line that indicates the shape of the braid. If you draw a straight braid, a vertical line as the center line is sufficient.

You can also draw two outer guidelines that taper towards the tip of the braid. The braid becomes thinner to the end.

Learn How To Draw Beautiful Braids In Less Than 10 Minutes

You can draw the individual hair strands slightly offset or on the same level. I drew the curvatures of both sides of the braid on the same height. Remember that this is only the preliminary sketch and you do not have to apply much pressure.

At the lower end of the braid, I tied the hair together with a little tie. The longest hair sticks out of the braid.

How to draw braids 1

Step 2: Draw the individual hair strands

Now connect the individual hair strands of the braid. Remember that the strands are alternately visible on top and then twisted around the back. First, you should draw the strands that run in one and the same direction.

How to draw braids 2

Step 3: Complete the preliminary drawing of the braid

Now repeat the same pattern by drawing the lines that run in the opposite direction.

How to draw braids 3

Step 4: Start hatching the braids

Next, determine from which direction the light should hit the braids. Based on this, you will hatch the hair. Typically, the areas in the middle of each bend are the lightest and the areas where the hairs overlap are the darkest.

If you are still unsure about the design of the individual strands, you will find all the answers in our tutorial on how to draw hair.

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How to draw braids 4

Step 5: Increase the contrasts in the braid

Now it’s time to draw the individual strands. You will neeed to increase the contrast to make the braid look more realistic. Take your 2B (or 4B) pencil and shade the hair.

How to draw braids 6

Step 6: How to draw braids: Highlight the hair flow

Pay special attention to the flow of the hair. Use clever hatching to emphasize the texture of the hair.

How to draw braids 7

Step 7: Maximize the contrasts in the braid

Enhance the contrasts once again by accentuating the darkest areas with the 4B pencil. If you want to know how to draw braids that looks realistic, it is important not to shy away from strong contrasts.

How to draw braids 9

Step 8: Apply few corrections if needed

If you wish you can make small corrections to the braid in this very last step. For example, you could draw in individual hairs to give the design more expressive power.

You can do this with a dark pencil in the dark areas just as well as with a kneaded eraser in the lighter areas. Use the eraser to indicate individual hairs in the light area by erasing fine lines in the strands.

How to draw braids 10
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