Learn How To Draw Batman In 8 Simple Steps

How to draw Batman Hero

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw Batman based on the modern DC Animated TV shows and films.

Step 1

how to draw batman 1

First, before drawing in any details, it’s important to start with planning the pose of the character and getting the basic shapes right before filling up details and rendering. In this tutorial, we will be drawing a standard standing pose for Batman. We start with a stick figure to plan out the pose, the balance and the staging of the character.

Notice that the human figure’s line of action is not actually made from straight lines, but S-curves, just as the spine has the same S-curve shape. Plotting your lines this way gives the whole body figure a sense of weight balance, so it wouldn’t look like the figure is gonna fall or is not standing or stepping on the ground or surface.

Step 2

With our stick figure pose being the skeleton, next is we draw the mass and the parts of the body by slowly sculpting the figure through basic organic shapes first. Comicbook heroes like Batman are usually drawn in a strong squarish or rectangular build when you see the overall character’s silhouette.

Step 3: How to draw Batman – Start Outlining

Just like most superheroes that hide their identities, Batman is not Batman without his Batcowl with pointy ears. In this version, the eyes are just drawn in their general silhouette and will just be plain white in color instead of actually drawing the eyes in with pupils.

Most of the face is covered until the nose and only the mouth up to the jaw area is exposed.

Step 4

how to draw batman 3

Batman should have broad shoulders and a wide chest. Basically, he is muscular all over since Batman is a highly trained fighter and strategist. Most of the time engaging in hand to hand combat especially against villains who are much bigger than him.

Draw in the Bat symbol which is located in the middle of the chest area.

Step 5

how to draw batman 4

Continue by drawing in some muscles in the arms too. Batman generally wears combat gloves with scalloped fins that serve as defense against bladed weapons.

Step 6

how to draw batman 5

Batman is not just good in martial arts but he is also skillful in wielding tech weapons, so it’s very important to have his utility belt worn every time he fights crime.

Step 7

Draw the legs and the tactical boots.

Step 8

how to draw batman 7

The Dark Knight is one of those superheroes that have the iconic cape, but Batman has a unique pointy design at the bottom resembling bat wings, and it’s not just an ordinary cape. Batman also uses his cape as a shield and also for gliding from building to building.

Step 9

how to draw batman

Fill it in with some colors. Batman’s suit colors just revolves around Black, Grey and Dark Blue, and his utility belt is usually gold or yellow.

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