How To Draw An Ear Quickly And Easily

How to draw an ear

Our organ of hearing is a confusing thing. Especially when it comes to drawing it realistically. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to draw an ear that looks realistic and matches your reference image in just a few minutes.

Used material for this tutorial

Instructions: How to draw an ear

Find a reference image on the internet to observe the windings of the auditory organ closely. Having a reference point is very important with this motif, as the details are so intricate. On top of that you can better follow the shadow on the individual parts of the ear.

How To Draw An Ear Quickly And Easily
Taken from | Note: This is not the ear we drew in this tutorial

Now outline the ear with a HB pencil and a few faint lines. Be careful not to exert too much pressure on the pencil, as the preliminary drawing should not be visible later.

How to draw an ear Sketch

Next, you can start with basic shading. The areas that are deeper in the auricle will appear darker. The areas of the skin that reflect the light are brighter and should not be shaded with a pencil.

How to draw an ear 2

Once you are satisfied with the sketch and have marked the areas that should be drawn in a darker tone you can start to take the shading seriously.

How to draw an ear 3

Use a 2B pencil to mark the deeper areas of the ear. The ear canal, but also parts of the auricle will be shaded darker, depending on how the light shines on them.

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How to draw an ear 4

Use your blending stump or a cotton swab to refine your drawing a little. Blur the hatching with the tool of your choice to soften the transitions a little.

Finally, you can use a dark pencil to trace the contours and shades once again. Only minor adjustments are needed to make the ear look really realistic. In this step you should not throw your whole concept overboard, you should only make corrections.

How to draw an ear 5
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