The Definitive Guide On How To Draw An Anime Face

How to draw an anime face 5

You want to learn how to draw an anime face, but don’t know exactly how? In this article, we will construct a female anime character and show you exactly where to place the main features of the face. With this systematic approach, you’ll learn the basics of manga drawing before you can customize characters to your liking.

Materials needed for the tutorial

  • Pencil
  • Drawing paper
  • Eraser
  • Reference image

The complete guide on how to draw an anime face of a girl

Step 1

To place the ears it is practical to divide the head into four equal quarters. While the ears in a realistic depiction of a human head are usually located around the half the length of the face, in mangas, we draw them slightly offset downwards. The upper part of the ears starts below the centerline of the head.

Since the ears are covered by hair later on we do not have to worry about drawing them accurately at this point.

How to draw an anime face

Step 2

Next you draw the hairstyle of the anime character. It is enough to indicate the hair in this stage of the drawing, but you should already be sure which hairstyle you want to draw because it will cover large parts of the face.

How to draw an anime face 1

Step 3 in how to draw an anime face: The Eyes

To place the eyes, you can use the same vertical line that is used to set the upper part of the ears as orientation. Draw the eyebrows at the height of this line (at the center of the face). The eyes start immediately below.

The height of the eyes in anime style can vary depending on your style and drawing type, so there is no exact concept as long as you are satisfied.

Step 4

In the front view, you can draw the nose to one side by merely drawing a small hook. Especially the noses of female anime characters are usually small and pointy.

Remember the quartering of the face? You can draw the nose exactly between the 3rd and 4th quarter of the face.

How to draw an anime face 3

Step 5 in how to draw an anime face – The lips

In manga, the lips are often only indicated by a small shadow line, which is located where the lips meet. Draw this line about halfway between the bottom of the nose and the chin.

You can accentuate the lips by placing a slightly lighter curve underneath, which indicates the shadow of the lower lip.

How to draw an anime face 4

Step 6

Finally, all you have to do is erase the excess lines and strengthen the final strokes. Work out the hairstyle and add a cute outfit to your anime character.

How you end up designing the rest of the character is entirely up to you. In this overview, you will find 35 anime outfits that can inspire you in the development of your character.

How to draw an anime face 5
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