Learn How To Draw A Beautiful Unicorn In 9 Simple Steps

How to draw a unicorn

This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to draw a unicorn in a simple way. You can use the medium of your choice for this walkthrough. The combination of graphite pencils and colored pencils is undoubtedly the most popular.

Unicorns are wonderful mythical creatures that can be recognized by the horn on their forehead. The possibilities for drawing this motif are endless. Some instructions are limited to the unicorn’s head, but we draw the unicorn with its body.

These instructions are perfect for children and adults alike. The difficulty is appropriate for young drawing talents, too.

Required material for your drawing

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Drawing paper
  • Crayons

Step by step guide on how to draw a unicorn

Step 1

Let’s start the drawing with the unicorn’s head. With the horn on the forehead, this area will later be the focus area of the subject around which the whole drawing revolves. This area is of particular interest, so we will first carefully design it.

Einhorn zeichnen 1

If you succeed in getting the unicorn’s head right, you’re already halfway there.

Drawing a unicorn

Step 2

Next comes the body of the mythical creature.

A curved line starting from the snout marks the chest area of the unicorn.

Drawing a unicorn 3

A line from the neck, swinging in the opposite direction, should mark the back and hip area.

How to draw a unicorn 4

Step 3

From here, it will be easy for you to draw the legs of the unicorn. The easiest way is to draw the two legs facing the viewer first.

The two legs that lie behind can be drawn with an enclosed outline. In our example, the unicorn bends its right leg. It only stands on three legs.

How to draw a unicorn 5

Step 4

Now you can draw the tail of the unicorn. In several strands, the unicorn’s tail will sway in the wind.

Don’t forget to draw the hooves. Four small strokes that bend in the lower part of the legs are enough for that.

How to draw a unicorn 6

Step 5

The unicorn not only has a great tail, but also a magnificent mane. Draw the mane in several strands around the ear.

You can draw over the original outline of the head and then erase it later.

How to draw a unicorn 7

Step 6 of how to draw a unicorn

Probably the most important characteristic of the unicorn is still missing. The horn on the creature’s forehead. A simple trick for a beautiful horn is to imagine that you are drawing an upside-down ice cream cone.

If you draw the two outer lines first and then add the inner turns, you will find it easy to draw.

How to draw a unicorn 8

Step 7

Small, but no less important details are still missing. You can draw the eye closed and indicate the nostrils with a single stroke. A small star on the fur emphasizes the fabulous pride of the animal.

How to draw a unicorn 9

Step 8

If you now erase the redundant lines, you have already drawn a beautiful unicorn. It is up to you to continue with the following Step 9 or leave the drawing as it is.

Next, we’ll add a little color to the unicorn and make it look pretty.

How to draw a unicorn 10

Step 9

In your favorite paint medium you can color the features of the unicorn. Especially the mane, the tail, the horn, the hooves and the star on the mythical creature’s fur can be painted in the colors of your choice. We have chosen a very colorful mix of shades to do the unicorn’s colorful nature justice.

Pastel hues are particularly enchanting, as they do not “clash” despite their tonal differences. They harmonize well with each other. Of course, you are allowed to use bright colors – as always, anything you like is allowed.

How to draw a unicorn
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