How to Draw A beautiful Turtle with this tutorial for kids

Turtle Drawing

Today we learn how to draw a turtle. More precisely, it is a sea turtle that swims its laps in the ocean.

Required material

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colored pencils (or color of your choice)

Learning how to draw a turtle: A step by step tutorial

Step 1

If you want to draw a turtle, it is worth considering the shape of its shell. After all, the shell makes up a large part of the turtle’s body.

How to draw a turtle 1

First, you draw the outer line of the shell. In our drawing, we look at the animal from above in a side view. Therefore you can see a noticeable recess in the neck area of the animal, where we draw the head later.

Step 2

Now draw the central vertebral scutes on the shell. A pentagonal or hexagonal shape determines how many segments of the tank you will later draw to fill in the costal scutes.

How to draw a turtle 2

In our case, the vertebral scute is represented by a pentagonal shape with rounded corners.

Step 3

Now draw another line between the outer edge and the turtle’s vertebral scute.

Step 4

Starting from the rounded corners of the inner line, you now draw the various costal scutes. One single line per segment is sufficient.

How to draw a turtle 4

Step 5

Now draw the fins of the turtle if you want it to swim in the water. Otherwise, you can also draw the legs of a tortoise.

How to draw a turtle 5

Start with the front pair of fins before you draw the back fins.

Step 6

Next, draw the head attached to the shell of the turtle.

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How to draw a turtle 7

Now all that’s missing is the face. An eye, a mouth, and a nose can be drawn with a few simple lines.

How to draw a turtle 8

Erase redundant lines and trace the finished outline once again, so that your drawing is clearly visible. A black fine liner is perfect for this, but you can also use a soft pencil.

Step 7 in how to draw a turtle: Coloring

Last but not least, you may paint the turtle with the colors of your choice. Especially the green color family is prevalent. Of course, you may also draw a fantastic turtle, which you paint in a variety of colors.

How to draw a turtle 9

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