How to draw a Sunflower and paint it with Brushpens

How to draw a sunflower

The sunflower, with its brightly shining petals, is an extraordinary symbol of summer, which enjoys great popularity all around the world. If you miss the sunny days of the warm time of the year, you might want to think a few warm thoughts. Artists and all those who wish to become one can do just that by putting their favorite summer motifs on paper. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a sunflower, which you can then paint with paint of your choice.

Materials needed for this tutorial

  • Pencil for sketching
  • Fineliner or thin marker
  • Round template (e.g. glass for tracing)
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Drawing paper

Instructions on how to draw a beautiful sunflower

Step 1: Draw circles

How to draw a sunflower 2

Let’s start at the beginning. We divide the basic shape of a sunflower into three circles.

In the outer circle, we will draw the petals of the sunflower.

In the two central areas, we will draw the flower basket. The second area will be filled with small round circles that symbolize the separate disk florets.

The middle circle will only be dotted to illustrate the disk florets that get smaller towards the middle.

Step 2 in How to draw a Sunflower: The petals

How to draw a sunflower 3

Once you understand the basic structure of a sunflower, you can draw in the sunflower’s ray florets. Do not draw perfectly symmetrically, but draw the petals completely freehand. From the middle of the three circles to the outer ring, draw the longer leaves in an almond shape.

Once you have drawn the first row, you can attract more leaves in the spaces in between, which are in the second row and will be painted darker later.

Step 3: Indicate the dimensionality of the flowers

You can already draw the individual sheets a little more dimensionally. With a few strokes and dots you can hint at the shape of the ray florets.

Step 4: Draw the flower basket

How to draw a sunflower 5

Inside the ray florets is the flower basket, with the many disk florets that get smaller towards the middle. Now draw small circles in the space between the center of the ring and the ray florets. The circles do not have to be perfectly round but can differ in shape and size.

Then you only need to dot the center of the flower basket.

How to draw a sunflower 6

Step 5: Draw the stem

How to draw a sunflower 7

Now all you have to do is draw the stem of the sunflower. Draw two lines down from the center of the flower basket. There are, of course, a few leaves on the stem.

As before, you only need a few dots and strokes to add some life to this part of the plant.

Emphasize the strength of the leaves by reinforcing their contours and dotting their lines. The mixture of more energetic lines and weaker dots is perfect for giving the plant a modern look and emphasizing its spaciousness.

How to draw a sunflower 9

And there you just learned how to draw a beautiful sunflower.

Optional – Step 6: Paint the sunflower

Now take your favorite colors and paint the sunflower if you prefer a colorful plant. But theoretically, you can also leave it at your outline drawing.

Colored pencils or watercolors are particularly suitable for painting the individual parts of the sunflower.

How to draw a sunflower 10

In several layers, you can draw the ray florets in a brighter yellow. The second row of petals is shown in a slightly darker yellow.

How to draw a sunflower 1

Draw the stem of the plant in green of your choice.

How to draw a sunflower 12

You may want to reinforce certain parts of the flower basket to achieve a more distinctive result.

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