Learn How To Draw A Spider In Just 6 Steps

How to draw a spider

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a spider in a very straightforward way. We will proceed step by step. You’ll only need a minimum selection of material (or equipment if you want to draw digitally) to get started right away.

Required material

Instructions: Learning how to draw a spider

Do not apply too much pressure with the pencil for the first few steps. Start with light, gentle strokes.

Step 1: Draw the body of the spider

Draw a small circle for the eye-mound, a medium-sized circle below it for the spider’s cephalothorax and an elongated ellipse for the abdomen. Remember that the preliminary sketch need not be perfect. If you draw with a pencil, you should apply little pressure in order to erase the strokes more easily.

If you work digitally, you can draw freehand or use a shape tool to determine the spider’s anatomy.

Whatever you choose, it is not important that the shapes are perfectly formed in this step of the tutorial, as we will work them out bit by bit.

How to draw a spider 1

Step 2: Draw the leg pairs of the spider

Now you can devote yourself to the leg pairs of the spider. The spider has four pairs of walking legs and two so-called pedipalps, which are used by most spider species for food intake. In our simplified spider drawing we have left out this leg pair.

All legs of the spider start from the cephalothorax (middle circle). There are no legs directly connected to the abdomen.

How to draw a spider 2

Step 3: Draw the limbs on the pairs of legs

Spider legs have to be mobile so that they can move around. You can imagine it a bit like the human leg with upper and lower leg connected by the knee joint.

The legs of most spiders consist of three limbs that become thinner towards their ends. If we leave out the hip and thigh ring, we can divide each leg into these parts:

  • Femur (thigh)
  • Tibia (splint)
  • Tarsus (foot)

The tarsi are themselves composed of several segments that are flexible. In our drawing we illustrated this bending of the tarsus with a circle.

How to draw a spider 3

Step 4: Adding color to the spider

If you draw in pencil, now is the time to reveal your hatching skills. First erase all unnecessary and overlapping guidelines.

Working digitally is a little easier. Color all surfaces of the spider in black (or a color of your choice).

Step 5: Draw the tarsi of the spider

As you may have noticed, the thin lines at the end of each pair of legs would look funny. Therefore adjust the lines again (thinner than the two remaining limbs of the leg) to match the thickness of the legs.

Step 6: Make adjustments and draw shading

In the next step you should work out the details of the spider. Use a kneaded eraser (or set the color to white) to illustrate the shape of the spider’s body. With the eraser you can accentuate parts of the otherwise dark body to lend it shape.

If you notice any other adjustments you should make, now is the time to make them. In our case we have drawn in the spider’s pincers.

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