6 Easy Steps to Learn How to Draw a Shamrock

How to draw a shamrock 10

The shamrock is a popular symbol of the Irish tradition. Especially on St. Patrick’s Day, the heart-shaped leaves can be seen everywhere. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a shamrock with three leaves.

Required Material

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Colored Pencil

How to draw a shamrock: A simple tutorial for Kids

Step 1

Find a nice place on your drawing paper with a little space to the sides. In the middle, you draw three dots that will serve as orientation when you draw the three leaves.

How to draw a shamrock 1

Step 2

Now draw a heart shape that ends at the upper two points. The heart is slightly open at its bottom.

How to draw a shamrock 2

Step 3

Repeat heart shapes on the left and right side. Use the bottom point as the end of the heart shapes. The outline of the shamrock is now completely closed

How to draw a shamrock 4

Step 4

Draw the stem of the cloverleaf. A slight curvature may indicate the natural direction of growth towards sunlight.

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How to draw a shamrock 6

Step 5

Add a line in the middle of each of the three individual leaves, which indicates the curvature of the clover leaves.

How to draw a shamrock 8

Step 6 in How to draw a shamrock

Add color to your shamrock. You can paint the outline drawing in the colors of your choice and in whatever medium you prefer. A rich green using colored pencils is probably the most commonly chosen option. But you can paint the cloverleaf just as you wish.

How to draw a shamrock 10
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