How To Draw A Rose in 6 Simple Steps

How to draw a rose 14

Tonight I got a rose for you. More precisely, a guide on how to draw a rose. We’ll do this step-by-step to illustrate the entire creation cycle of the flower.

First you’ll find a list of the materials used for this tutorial, before we continue with the main tutorial.

Material List for Drawing the Rose

  • 4B and HB pencil
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Drawing paper
  • Blending Stump
  • Reference picture

How to draw a rose: The tutorial

Step 1: Sketch of a reference picture

Search the Internet for a reference photo to use. On Flickr I found the following rose and colored it grey.

Please note that this rose is not the template for the rose in this tutorial. Nevertheless such a reference photo helps you by not relying on drawing from your imagination.

First we draw a free sketch of the rose. The petals inside the rose which surround the pistil are closer together. They open to the outside, increasing their surface area.

How to draw a rose 1

Next, draw the outer lines of the petals with a HB pencil and a little more pressure. Pay a lot of attention to the shape and arrangement of the petals and correct them until you’re satisfied to lay the foundation for a beautifully drawn rose.

How to draw a rose 2

If you are satisfied with the structure of the rose, erase the faint lines of step one. You won’t need them any more and you’ll only disturb the design of the motif.

How to draw a rose 3

Step 2: Draw first shades of the rose

In the second step, the opened petals are lightly hatched and the areas deeper inside the flower darkened.

Here it is helpful if you work close to the reference to see which color values are best for each part.

How to draw a rose 4

All shades are softened with a blending stump to hide the pencil strokes. An alternation of shading and blending takes place until the desired values of the rose have been reached.

How to draw a rose 5

The more closely you follow your reference image, the more realistic the result will look.

How to draw a rose 6

Step 3: Finish shading and hint at details

All petals should be drawn with contrasting shades.

Now you can draw small details on the rose. The fine fibres on the petals, which indicate the direction of growth, are indicated by the outer areas of the individual leaves towards the middle.

How to draw a rose 7

Step 4: Increase darkness through outlining

Now use a soft B pencil to circumvent the petals of the rose. Where shadows are caused by the incoming light, the contours should be particularly strong.

How to draw a rose 8

Step 5: Draw the highlights on the rose

If you want to draw a rose that really glows towards the observer, you should apply the highlights with a kneaded eraser.

Note: The kneaded eraser compared to a classic hard eraser has the big advantage that you can use it precisely and the transitions are softer.

How to draw a rose 12

Step 6: How to draw a rose with subtle details

The last step is to take care of the subtle details. Small textures on the petals of the rose, delicate contours or erasing individual areas again are the key to a more realistic look.

How to draw a rose 13

If necessary, make a few adjustments without throwing your whole concept overboard. Only change details of the rose.

And you’re done. The result is an enchanting rose with its opening leaves.

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