How To Draw A Penguin In A Comic Style

How to draw a penguin 7

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a penguin in a structured and straightforward way. Children, as well as adults, can draw the comic-style penguin. The step-by-step instructions will make it easy for you to draw this cute little character.

Materials needed

  • Pencil
  • Drawing paper
  • Eraser
  • Paint of your choice

Learning how to draw a penguin: The instructions

Step 1

First, we draw the basic shapes of the penguin. Two ellipses are already sufficient for this.

A smaller ellipse as the shape of the head …

How to draw a penguin 1

… and a slightly longer one for the body.

How to draw a penguin 2

Step 2

Now connect the two forms to one body by surrounding them with a line.

Step 3

You can already draw the beak on the head of the penguin. You can also use two half circles to show the transition between body and feet. The very short thighs of the animal are usually not visible at all due to the coloring of the plumage.

How to draw a penguin 4

Step 4

Now draw the eyes of the penguin and the feet. You can make the eyes look a little more vivid by placing a bright spot in the iris. Two semicircles, bordering the lower eyelid, complete the eye. You can draw the feet by outlining the three forward-pointing toes.

In a realistic drawing, there would be another toe on the inside of the foot, but this is not necessary for this simple drawing. Now is also the time to draw the two wings, which have been converted to fins in the penguin’s anatomy.

How to draw a penguin 5

Step 5 in how to draw a penguin

In the last step of the actual drawing we draw in the colouring of the plumage. All penguins are lightly colored in the chest area, while the rest is dark or even black. We mark the light area with a line on the front of the penguin.

How to draw a penguin 6

Step 6

Now you can still paint the motif. With the paint medium of your choice, you only need four different hues to paint the penguin: black for the eye and as a mixed color in the plumage, white for the eye and as a mixed color in the feathering, blue in the eye and yellow for the beak and feet.

Of course, you can also paint the penguin in many colors or choose a free color combination. Be careful not to paint over the edges of the individual areas, so that the motif looks beautiful at the end.

How to draw a penguin 7
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