How To Draw A Nose – Understanding The Basic Shapes

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In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a nose. Understand the basic shapes of a nose, apply the proper shading techniques and become a pro at drawing noses.

This tutorial is devided into two parts. First we take a look of how the nose is shaped, before moving on to the step by step process on how to draw and shade it.

Basic Construction lines

Here is a simplified drawing construction that you can memorize everytime you draw the nose. The overall basic shape is pyramid-like, triangular or a bit tear-shaped.

  • A ball for the tip of the nose
  • The nostrils are shaped like elongated beans
  • The wings that are hooked onto each side

You can also experiment with each parts sizes to get different Nose sizes and shapes.

Simplified Planes of the Nose

Basically, the structure of the nose is triangular or pyramid-like in its silhouette shape.

Take note that the nostrils are shaped like elongated beans.

How to draw a Nose: Step by Step

Before we get started, let us remind ourselves of the four major parts of the nose.

Step 1: Plot the Centerline

On your piece of paper or your digital sheet draw a vertical line which is going to act as orientation while you shape the nose.

Drawing a Nose 1

Step 2: Draw the ball which will determine the tip of the nose

The circular shape builds the tip of the nose. Place it at the end of the vertical line.

How to draw a nose 2

Step 3: Complete the basic construction lines

Drawing a Nose 3

Step 4: How to draw a nose – Nostrils

The nostrils are shaped like a bean.  Don’t close the lines as we want to achieve an organic feel to the lines. We are you going to give the nostrils their final shape in the shading process.

How to draw a nose 4

Step 5: Draw the wings and the lines under the nose

Draw the nasal wings and the bottom of the nose in a shape that resembles your reference image.

Drawing a Nose 5

Step 6: Let some lines define the nose bridge

Those lines can either be straight, a bit wavy or crooked depending on the kind of nose shape you want to achieve.

Drawing a Nose 6

Step 7: Shade the inside of the nostrils

Leave a bit of unshaded area for reflected light in the spots closest to the light.

Drawing a Nose 7

Step 8: Draw in the light blockings

According to where you light source originates the shadows will be casted differently. In our example the light hits the nose from the left side resulting in a shadow on the nasal wing which does not face the light.

Drawing a Nose 8

Step 9: Refine the shading

If you want to draw a realistic nose it all depends on proper shading. Closing this tutorial on how to draw a nose needs to be the refinement of the shading of darker areas and the highlighting of brighter areas. Make sure that you are adjust the brightness and the shading of the nose to the rest of the face if you are drawing a portrait. Everything should be in harmony.

You can also erase the construction lines to create a lineless drawing and an organic feel.

Drawing a Nose 9

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