Learn how to draw a manga mouth from different perspectives

How to draw a manga mouth 3

In anime and manga, many aspects of human expression are greatly simplified. Like the nose and the eyes, the mouth is also often indicated with just a few lines. Nevertheless, the mouth as a facial feature is crucial in conveying the many emotions of the characters. So it’s all about achieving a lot with a few lines. Here you learn how to draw a manga mouth that fits your character and its emotions.

The most important thing when learning how to draw a manga mouth

How to draw a manga mouth

Manga mouths are best drawn by focusing on the corners of the mouth. These are usually also the darkest parts of the entire drawing. They are often complemented by a line above or below the curvature of the lip – where the lip casts a shadow.

Numerous examples help with learning

You can see how you can achieve this with a few strokes of the pen if you look at this illustration. Drawing the lips is only necessary in a few cases in order to show the expression of the manga mouth.

The corners of the mouth, the line where the lips meet and the shading above or below the lips are enough to give the mouth its plasticity.

How Manga Mouth can be painted

Just for demonstration, you can see how the mouth might look in a colored anime.

How to draw a manga mouth 4

For this we used a little watercolor and painted the lips and tongue pink. We left out the teeth when we painted it. With a white pencil we emphasized the light reflections on the lips.

On the many perspectives you can see how you can draw an anime mouth. From the side view, a happy grin, a hearty laugh to a horrified open mouth, here you will find numerous examples to help you find your way of drawing.

When you are learning how to draw a manga mouth, always pay attention to the correct positioning in the overall context of the face. A helpful trick is to divide the head lengthwise into four imaginary quarters. In many manga figures, the nose lies approximately between the bottom quarter and the quarter above. You can place the mouth approximately in the middle of the bottom quarter.

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