How to draw a girl and bring her to life with watercolor

How to draw a girl

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a girl. More specifically, we will draw a mysterious girl from behind in a summery everyday outfit.

After the outline drawing with a pencil and fine liner, you will also find video instructions on how to bring the subject to life with a little watercolor.

Required material

Step by step tutorial: How to draw a girl

Step 1

In our work, we will draw the girl from behind.

First, draw the most relevant anatomical features very faintly. Joints like the shoulders and elbows should be carefully positioned for a realistic image.

The basic head shape and the rough shape of the torso are also drawn in this step.

How to draw a girl 1

Step 2

Now work out the basic shapes. With thin strokes, you can draw the outfit and the hair of the girl.

The girl is wearing a crop top, jeans, and a shoulder bag. All three pieces of clothing are carefully outlined in this step.

How to draw a girl 3

Step 3

Then the sketched lines are gradually erased and replaced by the actual shape of the garments.

Always be sure to erase the initial sketch before you place the thicker lines.

How to draw a girl 6

Step 4

Once you are satisfied with the pencil drawing, you can pick up a waterproof marker and trace the outlines.

Make sure that you proceed very carefully at this stage of your drawing. A permanent marker cannot be erased later, but has the great advantage of high contrast and offers the possibility of erasing all pencil drawings underneath without leaving any residue.

In theory, you can also draw the outlines with a softer, dark pencil.

Step 5

Add details to your girl drawing. With the fineliner, you should be able to work out the outline drawing according to your ideas. Fine lines that were not included in the preliminary sketch should now be added.

We have added some details at the folds of the clothes and some loose hair strands.

Finish your drawing in this step before you start coloring.

Step 6 in how to draw a girl: Make it colorful!

Now comes the fun part. If you want to draw a girl, you shouldn’t leave it at the outlines. The youthful joy of life is best expressed when you fill in the lines with some color. You can choose different paint mediums, but we have chosen watercolors.

With only two colors, we have painted the entire girl. First, we mixed a weak brown for the skin color, hair, and the bag with different amounts of water. On the other side, two different shades of grey in varying amounts of water were sufficient for the girl’s trousers and top.

As always, you have free choice in the color scheme. Use the colors you like and not necessarily the ones we tried out in these instructions.

To master the shading with watercolors, you have to work in several layers. The darkest areas need to be repeatedly painted over several times with the same color to create proper shading. If you experiment with the amount of water in the color mixtures, you will get a beautiful result.

How to draw a girl
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