Learn How To Draw A Fox in these 5 Simple Steps

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We’ve looked at how you can draw a cat, how you can draw a dog, and now we’ll take a look at how to draw a fox. Here you will learn how to draw a beautiful but simple fox. We will proceed as usual: From the abstract form to the more precise characteristics of the animal to the final work with color.

Required Material

  • Pencil
  • Colored Pencil
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Drawing Paper

Tutorial: How to draw a fox for beginners

Step 1: The basic shapes of the fox

How to draw a fox 1

As in most drawings, it is worthwhile to start with the primary form of the fox.

Depending on the perspective, these forms can differ considerably, as we want to transfer a three-dimensional object to a two-dimensional drawing surface.

Therefore, you should take a picture of the animal as a reference, which has already documented the body of the animal in a two-dimensional snapshot.

In our drawing, the three shapes of the head, trunk, and hind leg are the most important.

Step 2: Add additional shapes

How to draw a fox 2

From the rough, we work our way slowly into the detail. Add to the basic shapes other prominent parts of the animal that you can see in the picture. We noticed the ears and the muzzle, the foxtail, and the second hind leg.

Step 3: Complete the shape drawing

Starting from all the shapes you have already drawn, we can draw a preliminary outline drawing of the fox. Transitions from head to hip, as well as the completed front and back legs, are in this step to complete the fox in its form.

How to draw a fox 4

Step 4: Laying the features of the fox on top

How to draw a fox 5

Once you have completed the rough silhouette of the fox, draw the specific characteristics of the animal. Especially the dense tail, the pointed face, and the prominent ears are very noticeable. With the help of an indicated fur, we shape the body of the fox further.

Step 5: Erase the primary forms

Once you have granted the fox its characteristic features, you can erase the underlying basic structures. Only the final version of the fox drawing should remain.

If you work in traditional media like a graphite pencil, it is easier to erase the underlying shapes while you are working out the fox’s features.

Step 6 in how to draw a fox: Color the fur

If you can draw a fox, you should add a little color to make it more vibrant. A reddish-brown and a slightly darker brown are enough to suggest the fox’s fur. If you combine these two colors cleverly with the white of the paper, you can draw a wonderful fox.

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