A Complete Tutorial On How To Draw A Dog For Beginners

How to draw and paint a dog

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a dog and then fill it with color. All you need is a pencil, eraser, paper and a little paint. The instructions are suitable for children, adults, beginners, and advanced learners alike. We recognize the basic shapes of the dog and then develop its form.

Required material for this tutorial

  • Pencil
  • Drawing paper
  • Eraser
  • Paint (for us: watercolor)
  • Felt tip pen

How to draw a dog – Complete guide

Step 1

First, you draw three circles that symbolize the primary forms of the animal. One circle is elevated to indicate the position of the head, while the other two show the torso and hip area.

Starting from the basic shapes, we will construct the form of the dog in a particular way.

How to draw a dog 1

Step 2

Now clarify the position of the head by drawing the facial plane. Also, draw the snout of the dog with another circle. You can use the Loomis method as a guideline and transfer it to a dog’s head.

The most important thing is that you recognize the basic shapes of the animal and mark them in your drawing before you start working out the forms.

How to draw a dog 2

Step 3

Now observe the trajectory of the animal’s main limbs. Draw in the tail, legs, ears, and snout in a sufficiently reduced manner, just so that you don’t make any significant errors in the animal’s anatomy.

How to draw a dog 3

Step 4 on how to draw a dog

Now start drawing the face. Key features are the eyes, the ears, the snout, and the mouth.

Draw the snout in the second smaller circle on the head.

How to draw a dog 4

Step 5

Draw the dog’s legs. Pay attention to the anatomical differences between the front and rear legs. The bones of the rear legs are shaped differently because they have a different function. The dog uses the power of the back legs to jump, run, and to sit down.

How to draw a dog 5

Step 6

Complete the drawing by connecting the remaining lines. This step determines how to draw a dog and its torso. The tail will also be completed in this step of the sketch.

Some strokes in the fur may indicate changes of color and help you put some color on the dog later on.

How to draw a dog 6

Step 7

Now you already know how to draw a dog. You can erase the redundant lines and intensify the prominent lines again with a darker pencil.

Step 8

If you are satisfied with a black and white drawing of the dog, you can apply some hatching to the fur of the dog. Alternatively, you can add color to the animal in a medium of your choice.

We chose watercolor, which, together with some white parts, lends the dog a beautiful fur.

How to paint a dog
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