How to draw a Stylized Crown for Royal Motifs

How to draw a crown stylized

After the shamrock and some other simple motifs, the crown is next. Here you will learn how to draw a crown that is both beautiful and simple in just a few steps. You will also learn how to easily customize the symbol of power to your ideas to draw any crown of your choice.

Step-by-step instructions: Learn how to draw a crown

Step 1: Draw ellipses

Draw three flat ellipses on top of each other.

Make sure that you draw the lines without much pressure because we will erase some sections later when the rest of the crown is finished.

Crown 1
How to draw a crown 1
Crown 3

The exact height of each oval and the distances between them are entirely up to you.

Important: Do not worry if they do not look perfect right away. They should only add a little more depth to the crown later so that it looks more three-dimensional.

Step 2: Draw the spikes of the crown

Now start by drawing the spikes. The easiest way to do this is to place the pencil on the bottom ellipse, intersect the top two ellipses and then tilt the line a little bit outwards.

How to draw a crown 2

For a turreted crown with five jags, you then draw the outlines in four small V’s towards the center.

How to draw a crown 3

Make sure that the ends of the individual V’s do not touch. At their ends, we draw the adornments of the crown in the next step.

How to draw a crown 4

Step 3: How to draw a crown’s ornaments

Now it all depends on what kind of crown you want to draw. For the simple, stylized crown in this tutorial, we used round ornaments reminiscent of pearls.

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How to draw a crown 5

However, religious symbolism, such as the cross, is also often used in crowns. Lily shapes or the Maltese cross are also seen on many crowns.

Step 4: Erase the excess lines

Do you remember that we wanted to erase the ellipses partially? More precisely, only the lower halves of the upper two ellipses are erased, since we don’t need them for the design.

How to draw a crown 6

Step 5: Shading the crown (optional)

Only a little bit of color is missing to make the crown really glow. Shading with a pencil is also possible. Whatever you choose, make sure that the shading indicates the curvature of the crown.

Bright spots on the ornaments will also make the crown look stronger and more authentic.

How to draw a crown stylized
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