Learn How To Draw A Cute Chibi Girl With This 7 Step Tutorial

How To Draw A Chibi Girl

Chibi is a type of Manga-style where the character is drawn with kawaii (cute) child-like features. There are different ways to draw Chibi, but the standard would be a big head and a small body, like a baby. The good thing is: If you want to know how to draw a chibi girl, you don’t have to know the human anatomy like you would in tradtional anime drawings.

You don’t have to apply the human anatomy principles. You can simply choose the right gesture, pose, and the characters should look squishy and cute with exaggerated features that will distinguish their personality.

In this tutorial, we will be drawing our Chibi girl close to a two-head proportion.

Required material for this tutorial

Digital Drawing

  • Drawing Tablet
  • Drawing Software

Traditional Medium

If you want to transfer the instructions to traditional media, that’s no problem at all. Instead of digital art, you can pick up your pencil and draw on paper.

Learn how to draw a chibi girl

Step 1 

Draft a cute pose that you like and start with a stick figure applying the two-head tall proportion to it. It can be anything from a standing to an action pose, something that would bring out your character’s personality. Set the construction line across the face lower and place the huge eyes.

How To Draw A Chibi Girl 1

Step 2 

Construct the base body. The head should be bigger than the body. Don’t worry so much about the body details. You can make the hands and feet very simple, and sometimes you can draw them round without the fingers and toes depending on your style. Also, you don’t have to put joints on the arms and the knees to make them look squishy and baby-like.

How To Draw A Chibi Girl 2

Step 3 

Big and pretty, most of the time, shimmering eyes are a very important feature in a Chibi, they almost cover the half of the face. To make a face even cuter, place the eyes lower on the face and make the jaw round and wide and the ears round, the size will be up to you whichever suits your character.

You can draw the nose as a simple dot or disregard it completely. Same with the mouth, but depending on the expression, you can draw it in small or none at all.

How To Draw A Chibi Girl 3

Step 4 

There is a wide variety of options when doing Chibi hair, but the trick is to make them bigger than the head and with a lot of volume. You can experiment with different hairstyles and even put cute hair accessories.

How To Draw A Chibi Girl 4

Step 5 in how to draw a chibi girl

Design your outfit, may it be simple or grand, be creative.

How To Draw A Chibi Girl 5

Step 6

Finalize and clean your lines. Erase redundant lines and intensify the significant ones.

How To Draw A Chibi Girl 6

Step 7

Color it how you want, put some soft blushes on the skin, and make the eyes as sparkly and shiny as you desire.

How To Draw A Chibi Girl
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