Learn How to Doodle Art For Beginners: Tutorial for basic shapes

How to doodle art for beginners

The basic definition of doodling includes the carefree drawing and sketching of simple motifs, for example, during a phone call or in a meeting. A doodle is a simple scribble that can have a figurative meaning or show abstract shapes.

Doodle Art should not require intensive thinking or extensive planning. Instead, it should give your creativity free play.

Since doodling is a simple, instinctive task, it gives the brain time to flow freely.

How to doodle art for beginners

You don’t need to learn to draw Doodle Art. By definition, you already know how to doodle.

Nevertheless, a particular drawing style has developed over the last few years, which many people refer to as Doodle Art.

Especially flat motifs without shading, which are drawn exclusively with outlines, are what people mean by Doodle Art. Objects are often personified. Handlettering can also be added to enhance the meaning of the drawing.

A mini step-by-step guide to doodling

If you want to be extra careful when creating your doodles, you can create it as a drawing in two steps.

First, you can draw the Doodles with a graphite pencil before you trace them with an ink pencil to achieve the highest possible contrast between light and dark.

We chose a cute motif from the culinary world. Hot chocolate, tea, coffee, donuts, pizza, and burgers are united in one doodle.

Since the shapes are overlapping here, it is essential to start at the front of the motif and gradually work your way backward (or upwards).

How to doodle 1

We add other ingredients and start to suggest faces on them.

How to doodle 2

Now we only need to complete the sketch with a few shapes before we start working out the lines with ink pens.

How to doodle 3

With a preliminary drawing like this, you don’t need to worry about the ink pens anymore.

Just let this video inspire yourself. Learning how to doodle art for beginners requires a little practice if you want to achieve this style.

Tip: Notice how small additions such as lines and dots add much more life to the whole motif. Just a few patterns make such simple designs unique.

Next, you’ll learn what materials we recommend for Doodle Art and how to create your library of shapes that can be a constant source of inspiration.

Materials for Doodle Art

How to doodle art material


A pencil is an excellent tool for making the first sketch that comes to mind. A hard pencil (or HB) is recommended because it allows you to erase the lines of a sketch later without leaving any remains.

Ink pen set

An ink pencil is perfect for drawing bold outlines of your designs. A set of brush pens of different thickness gives you the best possible variety in line width.

Colored pencils

If you want to add color to your doodles, colored pencils are the best choice because they can be erased.

Color markers

If you don’t like colored pencils, you can also color the Doodles with markers in a wet color medium.


The beauty of Doodle Art is that there is no right or wrong. This means that you do not need an eraser. However, if you want to doodle with a particular motif in mind, it can still be useful to have the eraser at hand.

You would need it at least when erasing a preliminary drawing if you want to draw the lines more strongly with an ink pencil.

How to Doodle Art for Beginners: Shapes

With the help of some elemental doodles, you can build up your visual vocabulary. Your vocabulary is your repertoire of forms to fall back on if you can’t think of anything new.

You can keep a few pages in your sketchbook and fill them with the shapes you like. You can divide this library of shapes into::

  • Basic shapes
  • Divider
  • Pattern
  • Lettering styles, if applicable

In the following, you will find two helpful videos, which show you some basic shapes on the one hand and dividers on the other side.

The advantages of Doodle Art

In recent years, coloring pictures for adults have become very popular. And it is easy to understand why doodling has also become a major trend.

Only a few materials are needed, and everyone can start doodling without having to think about the motif ad infinitum.

The advantages of Doodle Art can be summarized in 3 essential points:

  1. Doodling improves memory (study result)
  2. Doodling helps you to relax and reduce stress
  3. Your creativity is stimulated for more strenuous drawing exercises
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