Artist explains how she creates stunningly mysterious portraits that seem to glow

Glowing Portraits

The artist Artbyfhina brings her portrait drawings to life with digital post-processing. Her artworks are based on pencil drawings that are photographed and then edited on a smartphone.

Here you can learn how you, too, can create your glowing portraits. The artist herself explains in a video what you have to pay attention to when digitally editing with the app.

The secret of glowing portraits

After the pencil drawing is completed, the artist uses the “Autodesk Sketchbook” app to illuminate the images artistically. This digital lighting imitates a fluorescent light source.

She cleverly exploits the placement of brightness and color to create an exceptional effect. In various works, she uses this technique to outline the facial and bodily features of the subject as if they were illuminated by a mysterious light.

Glowing Portraits

The basis for this captivating spectacle of traditional and digital media is a beautiful portrait drawing.

Instructions for taking your portrait drawing to the next level

But it is only the color intensity of the digital processing that turns a traditional portrait drawing into such an attention grabber.

For us, the artist has documented her creative process.

Instructions on how to create luminous portraits

The first thing you need is a portrait drawing that you photograph with your smartphone.

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Especially impressive are atmospheric black-and-white shots, which are a sound basis for the subsequent color transformation.

Once you’ve taken the photo, you can get started with the tutorial.

Even more beautiful glowing portraits

The possibilities with the combination of analog and digital tools are almost endless. Here are some more portraits created in this way.

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