Easy Tutorial for Kids: How to draw a Spider Web

How to draw a spider web 7

Learning how to draw a spider web is really easy. It is probably one of the easiest lessons we have ever shared in our drawing instructions. And in a way, it is so much fun to draw this simple motif and maybe even add a spider to it.

While this drawing tutorial is a favorite for Halloween, drawing spider webs is fun all year round.

Materials needed

  • Pencil or black marker
  • Drawing paper

The tutorial: How to draw a spider web

Step 1

How to draw a spider web 1

Start by drawing a cross on your drawing paper.

Step 2

Draw two more lines, this time diagonal to the first cross.

Step 3

Now start weaving your spider web. Start with the inner row by drawing a curved arch from one line to the next.

Step 4

Repeat the same with the next arc and start it where the previous one ended.

How to draw a spider web 4

Step 5

Complete this pattern until you have a total of eight arches.

Step 6

Repeat this procedure at a distance from the inner structure until you are satisfied with your subject. If you want to draw a simple spider web, 3 of these patterns are perfectly sufficient.

How to draw a spider web 7
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