40 Easy And Fun Things To Paint If You Ever Feel Uninspired

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Do you like to paint, do you like to experiment with colors and try out new techniques? Great, then the following article is just right for you. Here you will find 40 fun and easy things to paint. You can express your creativity and try out new motifs, ideas and painting techniques. No matter if you like painting with oil, acrylic, watercolor or even pastel crayons, here you will find an inspiration for your upcoming art project.

Illustrate holiday memories

A picture says more than a thousand words

1 – Bella Italia: Pack the suitcases and off you go

Things to paint 1

What do you think of when you hear Italy? Of course: “La dolce vita”. Let yourself be inspired by Lucia de Marco from Puglia and capture this special way of life in an illustration.

2 – Vacances en France: Cycling through the city

Things to paint 2

Drive out into the open, let the wind swirl through your hair and inhale the scents of the surroundings. With Alena Ponkratova’s romantic watercolor paintings you can capture this feeling forever.

3 – Pales franchise? Sweet children’s illustrations

Things to paint 3

Are you learning a new language right now? Simplify vocabulary learning with Sarah Jane’s cute illustrations. Her pictures are easy to repaint and look great on postcards or tote bags.

Souvenirs make chic things to paint

Small treasures from the boutique

4 – Parisienne is an attitude to life: Parisian chic

Things to paint 4

Which “must-have” you bring from Paris is self-evident. Nothing beats designer shoes. In particular the version by the trendy New York fashion illustrator Katie Rodgers is adorable.

5 – Bling bling: Gemstones and perfumes

Things to paint 5

Expensive jewellery and enchanting perfume bottles also embody jet-set life. With pencil and watercolour you can dream the treasures of the Moscow artist Lulebedeva into your home.

6 – Fashionart: Design your own fashion with glitter

Things to paint 6

But you can also use jewellery and cosmetics in other ways. Take a look at the pictures of haute couture designer Chan Clayrene. She lends her watercolors a shiny nail polish finish.

7 – Sweet treats: Sweet and delicious to eat

Things to paint 7

When travelling not only shopping in boutiques is in great a. On holiday, you can also enjoy a feast. Especially when there are such delicacies in foreign pastries as on Jenna Rainey’s Instagram- Account.

Expressive pictures for repainting

Thickly applied and rich in contrast

8 – Fiery lips: Explosion of taste and color

Things to paint 8

Enjoy a sweet donut, the full-bodied wine or the hot farewell kiss. Some people still burn their lips for a long time. With these lips from the Bigstock Collection your hicks will be remembered for a long time to come.

9 – Audrey Hepburn is a classic

Things to paint 9

Red lips are a classic. Set contrasts and earn compliments for your stylish summer outfit à la Audrey Hepburn with a big sun hat and a watermelon.

10 – Without outlines: colored areas cleverly placed

In the shop magazine Stokholm you will find even more images of this kind to repaint. These prints can also be used with markers or acrylic paint.

11 – 1 woman, 1 statement: Soft Colors – strong contours

Fun painting ideas 11

This picture idea of the Texan M. Devine is full of contrast. She combines her delicate pink portrait of Frida Kahlo with clear and thick lines. Her digital painting underlines the feminine side of this strong-willed woman.

Painting backgrounds with character

Book pages and musical notes

12 Show color: black/white & red in contrast

Fun painting ideas 12

On Pinterest you will find a multitude of things to paint, one of which is this expressive portrait of the Mexican painter Frida. Even more unusual than the depiction is the background chosen by the illustrator.

13 – Feeling music: Pictorial background music

Fun painting ideas 13

Not only book pages are an extraordinary background for painting, music notes also have their own flair.. as this idea for the painting of Pinterest shows. It is as if the music flies away with the delicate watercolors.

Various paint applications

Digital, in oil and acrylic

14 – Digital Painting: Dreamlike Photo Art

digital painting ideas 14

Aaron Griffin is known for his photographic art, his digital paintings are strongly reminiscent of watercolors. That is what lends his portraits a dreamy character.

15 – Pasty paint application meets classic pose

Impasto painting idea 15

The reference of this artist on Pinterest reminiscent of a Greek goddess is also depicted in the classic side profile. Due to the thick, pasty application of paint, however, the painting appears more tangible and almost alive.

16 – Bright Acrylic Painting: A bright Color Spectacle

Fun painting ideas 16

If you are looking for easy things to draw you should definitely start with acrylic paint. Acrylics are even more suitable for experimentation. They dry quickly and have a luminous apperance without the hassle of the oil paint. Here is an example from the artist platform Freejupiter.

Cute things to paint in watercolor

Fantastically beautiful animal and flower motifs

17 – Watercolor and Lettering: The Special Bookmark

lettering painting 17

In this great tutorial, Julie Comstock teaches you how to design and create special labels, business cards and bookmarks.

18 – Brilliant Watercolours: Exotic Birds

bird painting 18

The pink flamingo has been a popular advertising motif throughout the last summers. That’s why it deserves a a prime spot in our list of things to paint. A extraordinary beautiful example is shown by Olga Lo.

19 – Delicate watercolors: Cute animal babies

baby animals 19

The extravagancy can go further, but with a cuddle factor. You will fall in love with the sweet animal paintings of Brigitte May.

20 – More is more: Cheesy beautiful animal pictures

deer 20

Sally Walsh’s paintings, also known by her artist name “sillierthansally“, are just a romantic tale of kitsch.

21 – Floral splendour: Romantic, feminine portraits

Flower painting tutorial 21

Romantic flower wreaths have always been a popular headdress for young women. With the tutorial on Marina Ribacki’s blog, you too can put such a splendid bouquet on anyone’s head.

22 – Magnificent roses: flower pictures for repainting

Fun painting ideas 2

Roses are a symbol of femininity. In the oil painting of the Czech painter Lenta they seem to flow like sad tears across the canvas.

23 – Flower pictures that stick out of the underground

Fun painting ideas 23

Olga Soloveva’s roses do not cry, they bloom and emerge from the surface.

Dream landscapes

Magical picture ideas to repaint

24 – Dreamy Moons: Imaginative Moon Landscapes

Acrylic Pouring painting ideas 24

If you didn’t know Annie Tarasova before, you won’t be able to forget her from now on. She enchants her fans with dreamlike lunar landscapes.

25 – Cosmic structures: Acrylic paintings that enchant

Fun painting ideas 25

Emma Lindstrom continues in a similarly magical way. Her large-format Fluid Paintings take you to other fantastic worlds.

26 – Luminous spectacle: Pictures to repaint

Fun painting ideas 26

If you want to capture these magical moments and starry skies, don’t reach for the camera but for the fan brush and paint with the power of your imagination and Taylor Humby’s paintings.

27 – Scary night sky: Delicate fog landscapes

Fun painting ideas 27

In her Instagram video, Jessica Janik shows you how to paint a breathtaking forest landscape at night with a ganze into the sky.

28 – Diverse silhouettes: Comics night sky

Fun painting ideas 28

You can also combine a landscape with a figure and use its silhouette as a setting for the night sky, just like artist Aisha does.

Things to paint while Traveling: Urban Impressions

City views and other holiday resorts are cool things to paint

29 – Blurred in the rain: metropolitan romanticism

things to paint in the city 29

Anyone who says that bad weather can ruin a day has never been to Paris. In the city of love, even a cloudy rainy day has its magic. Fantastically illustrated in Lana Moes’ wet effect.

30 – Water Paintings: Rain Pictures

Watercolor painting 30

At this scenery you forget the bad weather. The red screen automatically brings a smile to your face. Especially beautiful in the version of Bianca’s Wunderland Blog.

31 – Ideas for City Silhouettes: Picturesque Views

city silhouette 31

With the help of watercolours, the big city has a less deterrent, even a little romantic effect. The city views of Freepik can be used as painting ideas for your next trip to European’s world renowned city destinations. They show the most important sights of the world metropolises.

32 – Big city impressions: Pictures to repaint

Fun painting ideas 32

Another idea to capture big city and holiday impressions can be found on Art.com. Whether it’s music or cultural activity, with these pictures your sketchbook will basically fill itself.

33 – City trips: The diary of a special kind

Fun things to paint 33

City trips wouldn’t be the same without the little alleys and hip cafés. You can get inspired on how to paint those with the dreamy diary entries of Elena Motorina.

34 – Diary notes: Sightseeing and local guides

Fun painting ideas 34

Recommendations from locals or a good travel guide are worth their weight in gold. In the future, create your own personal local guide with Maria Canavello’s picture ideas on Sallies Sketchbook.

35 – Days outdoors: Picturesque city tours

Fun painting ideas 35

Alisa Ilina also documents her travels and holiday trips in painterly watercolor sketches.

36 – Stroll Sketches: Discover secret alleys

Fun painting ideas 36

Everywhere you are you will be able to find secret alleys and unknown places. Take an example in Moscow painter Elena Tatkina. She uses pastel chalks for quick sketching on the go. This medium does not need water, is uncomplicated and very colorfast once it has been fixed with a spray fixative.

37 – Paint beach sketches: Capturing the wide sea

things to paint 37

Pastel chalks are great on the go. The Ukrainian painter Tatiana Yemelyanenko even took her chalk pencils with her to the beach.

38 – Further painting projects for repainting

Fun painting ideas 38

At home you can use your sketchpad as a template for other cool painting projects. On Costal Chic you can find more upcycling pictures to get inspired by.

39 – Let the water flow: Painting with watercolor

On the beach and in the sea you can feel the freedom and taste the salt in the air. You can also capture this feeling of flowing in the water in a watercolor painting. One of those beautiful things to paint is this example from FineArtCenter on Etsy.

40 – Dive into the water: Relax your soul

things to paint 40

After so many picture ideas, your head is already smoking, isn’t it? Get a cool down and dive into the cool water. Here is our last painting idea. Collect your impressions and then record them in a unique art project.

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