43 Easy And Fun Things To Draw

fun and easy drawing ideas

Your fingers have been tingling for a long time and you finally want to develop your drawing skills. But you still have no idea what you could draw? Don’t worry. Here you’ll find 43 fun and easy things to draw and lots of inspiration for your next art project.

You can start with simple pencil drawings, then switch to markers, charcoal or ink. To make your drawing ideas even more creative, you can also add coloured accents to your pictures and experiment with pastel chalk, coloured pencils or watercolour.

Be inspired by renowned artists, illustrators and up-and-coming art enthusiasts.

Our own Drawing Tutorials

1: Learn to draw an eye: Step by step


Before you can incorporate emotions into your eyes, you should also be able to draw them properly. Refer to our tutorial on How to draw a realistic Eye and learn the basics of eye drawings.

2: Basic shapes of the lip and the lip in perspective

Another crucial part of a good portrait is the expression of the lips. In our guide you will understand the basic planes and perspectives when it comes to drawing a realistic lip. Get started over here.

3: Beautiful things to draw: A bright smile with teeth

How to use a Kneaded Eraser 1

What’s more beautiful than a bright smile with teeth? We don’t know! Read the step by step drawing guide and follow along. All you need is 2 pencils, a blending stump a kneaded eraser and a little bit of patience.

4: The all time classic: A full realistic portrait

How to draw a Portrait 6

After you have learnt to draw the individual elements of the face, you should put them all together. A full realistically drawn portrait is a challenge, no doubt about that. But in our tutorial you will learn how to face the challenge and overcome any doubts about your skills.

If you are looking for challenging and exciting things to draw, look no further than this portrait tutorial.

Beauty in the detail of the line

Sometimes less is more – drawing ideas for minimalist representations:

5. Catch little moments: confessions of love

Easy things to draw line 1

Catch the tender moments of love, a smile, a kiss or even a whisper. The Brazilian artist Maria Eduarda Goettens shows you how to do it with her three-part drawing in pencil.

6. Bring lines to life: One-Line Illustrations

Easy things to draw line 2

If, like Paul Klee, you’d like to take strokes for a walk, you’ll be thrilled by the work of the French illustrator Quibe. With his swift lines he creates one-line illustrations of animals, people and nature from a single line.

In an elegant and puristic way he captures individual movements with a fine black marker.

7. Elegant sketches: fashion illustrations with just a few lines

Easy things to draw line 3

Fashion designers like to make their first sketches using quick and easy lines to capture their inspirations. These are usually as ephemeral as the charcoal-drawn dancing ballerina from pinterest.com.

When b/w illustrations meet color

Drawing ideas for feminine magazine & lady business related topics

8. Sketches that seduce: Fashion as a way of life

Fashion Illustration 1

Do you also want to design fashion? For fashion sketches, a few strokes are usually enough to indicate the contours and texture of the fabrics. A few clear lines for the face and a voilà. Fall in love with these drawing ideas and perfect your passion with the pictures of Hayden Williams on his blog “femme-gems”.

9. Strong appearance through strong contrasts

With a few lines and colourful accents you can suggest figures and let the drawing speak for itself. Now switch from pencil to ink or watercolour and do it, like Marie Bastille’s picture agency, who reflects her ideas in elegant drawings.

10. Timeless beauty: restrained colour, clear lines

There is fierce competition in the fashion and beauty market in particular. Classics such as Coco Chanel, on the other hand, which embody an eternally classic style are still inspiring today. Just like the mannequin drawings by JessicaIllustrations.

11. Enthusiasm through colour accents

Fashion Illustration 4

Capture elegance with ink or watercolor and draw stunning portraits. Use only black and white and a color accent, like the model’s red mouth on the ink portrait of artist O.G. on vk.com/flatlai.

12. Convince with contours: More than just fashion sketches

Fashion Illustration 5

Make a statement and reduce your images to individual lines, details and color areas. With ink and watercolor you can accentuate shadows and single color areas and create role models.

Scarily beautiful things to draw

Of skeletons and demons.

13: Between Life and Death: You Determine

Drawing portraits from nature is one thing, but drawing portraits after death is another. Find cool things to draw by searching for dibujos/murales on Pinterest.

14: Let the dead rise again: Zombie Hipster

Scary things to draw 2

“Painting means freeing yourself, and that’s the point.” The Brazilian Maria Eduarda Goettens frees the deceased from their eternal darkness on “Quero se Picasso” (tumblr) and resurrects them as their cool contemporaries in the Rockabilly style.

15: Demonic beings: Metamorphoses from animals and flowers

Scary things to draw 3

Not just since Hitchcock’s The Birds can these creatures frighten us. The frightening and somehow fascinating version of the Russian draughtswoman Olga Koroleva are often used as templates for tattoos.

16: Metamorphoses: Birds and humans in harmony

Scary things to draw 4

You can also combine your demonic birds with a portrait. You can find suitable drawing ideas and step-by-step instructions on the account of the Korean artist OkArt.

Textures, strokes & written words

Drawing ideas of a slightly different kind

17: When chaos turns into something fascinating

Line Drawing 1

Vince Low is a household name among designers and celebrities. From now on you won’t get enough of his stunning portraits, which consist of a whirlwind of ripples and lines.

18: Drawings that can speak

Line Drawing 2

The aforementioned chaos theory also works with this fantastic drawing idea. Vince Low likes to supplement some of his works with written words that merge with the image.

19: Words that take shape: Written portraits

Line Drawing 3

You can take this idea to the extreme by reducing your entire picture to its contours and transforming them into micrographic portraits like art teacher Lauren Rita did. You can admire the results of her art on her blog.

Capturing fabulous moments by drawing

Draw ideas to represent emotions

20: Create new dream worlds: Fantasy Landscapes

Eye Phantasy

With this idea by Majlaart you will learn how a simple drawing draws the attraction that won’t let you go. It pulls you inside the fantasy landscape and is definitely one of the more creative things to draw in your free time.

21: Bring color into your work: Draw with colored pencils

Eye with colored pencil

Instead of graphite you can also use colored pencils to give your picture a whole new vibrant look. You can find this and other magical eye drawings on images.freecreatives.com.

Reality vs. Fantasy: Fun things to draw

Cool drawing ideas to complement, erase and shock

22: Eye make-up: The model draws herself

reality vs phantasy drawing 1

You can draw eyes now. How about your model drawing her own eye now? You can find a cool idea for drawing on Pinterest.

23: Erase the face: When the color disappears

reality vs phantasy drawing 2

Do it like an American art class on their blog: “galaktik12art” and erase your face. With your own photo as a basis, which you can trim as you like.

24: Is today Badhairday? Make something positive out of it

reality vs phantasy drawing 3

Be inspired by Janet Taylor’s art class and complement magazine illustrations with embellishments and patterns. The result is a whole new, fabulous work of art.

25: Drawing or reality? Show what you see

reality vs phantasy drawing 4

On the web the Belgian Ben Heine is already a star. Get inspired by his photo drawing art and change your own perception.

26: Hide your face: You determine what we see

reality vs phantasy drawing 5

These self-portraits will inspire you. The French artist Sèbastian Del Grosso shows you how on the “Saltaalavista” blog “The Sketch of a Life“.

27: Two views: Photo and art of drawing

reality vs phantasy drawing 6

You’ll also get really cool effects when you turn photos and images into comics and show them as a collage, like the example of Cosplay Magazine on Pinterest.

28: Anime Me: Make yourself a comic book

reality vs phantasy drawing 7

Robert De Jesus is an anime artist who turns every picture into a little sensation. You can find many of his works on the blog “Remarkable similarities“.

Crazy Perspectives

Optical illusions and visual perceptions

29: Crazy reflections: Change of perception

Fun things to draw 1

Look at yourself in a spoon or in a jug of thermos. The “Tea Pot” by Anetta Urmey is world famous. She even received the Rockefeller Art Award for her works. Now it’s your turn.

30: Fragmented images: A pile of broken pieces

Fun things to draw 2

When a mirror breaks, your mirror image will change in amazing ways. This cool drawing of Einstein was created as part of a high school project by art teacher Nancy Craford.

31: Portrait collage: One picture from several templates

Fun things to draw 3

This collage portrait by Jennam Rosset is both beautiful and sophisticated. From insane perspectives and parts she creates an impressive ensemble.

32: Mosaic Portraits: Artful Megapixels

Fun things to draw 4

Classic portraits are too boring for you, then take the drawing idea of Paul Zambos as a model and create artistic pictures from individual, drawn mosaic stones.

Dissolution into geometric forms

Interesting things to draw for disintegrating images

33: Pretty sharp-edged: portraits of geometric shapes

Geometric things to draw 1

Once you’ve seen Josh Bryan’s drawings you won’t be able to get rid of his cool things to draw.

34: Metamorphoses: Animals that fossilize

Geometric things to draw 2

Your result will be even more impressive if you have your drawings petrified on your paper. Kerby Rosanes drawings are often used for tattoos.

Moving surfaces and textures

The image behind the lines

35: Lift out of the surface: Moving lines determine the shape

Surface drawings 1

Nester Formentera is a master of illusion. The artist from Dublin shows you how you can create fabulous illusions through elevations and recesses.

36: Lines full of dynamics and beauty

Surface drawings 2

“The great wave off Kanagawa” by the Japanese artist Hokusai is a classic of this type of depiction. Here is the interpretation by blackworknow.

37: Of ups and downs: Rocky landscapes

Surface drawings 3

Not only water but also rock formations are great motifs for this dynamic drawing art. That’s what the graphic artist Christa Rijneveld thought as well.

38: Geometric shapes and natural landscapes: Logo design

Surface drawings 4

The combination of puristic lines, black & white and wild nature is quite popular. Designs from Derek the deliman adorn numerous logos of well-known companies and are also one of the coolest things to draw in this list.

39: Wild nature: dreamy and beautiful

Surface drawings 5

This watercolor drawing by Jessica Durrant shows that the wilderness can also be quite romantic.

40: Naturally Beautiful Portraits: Pure, Wild Beauty

Surface drawings 6

You can feel the wind in your hair and let your eyes wander into the distance with this idea of drawingespression.

41: Sketches with chalk: Stylish, like the great artists

Surface drawings 7

Like the Greek artist Elody gyekis when you draw everything with white chalk on dark paper, your drawing looks even more impressive.

View from the window

Small image excerpts

42: Sketches with pencil: A look outside

Window drawings 1

Combine your portrait drawing with a new perspective and make it look out of the drawing paper, like the Czech artist Zbynek Kysela.

43: Sketches with pencil and marker: Capturing memories

Window drawings 2

You can also catch the view from the window towards the outside. Look out the window and draw what you see. Manuel J. Blanco records his most beautiful views in his notebook and shares them with us on his blog.

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